Friday, 24 December 2010

I want me in these shots....

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

terase ingin menulis semula

ok dah lama sangat x tulis here.asik sebok bace blog orang sendiri mcm harini nak tulis something very interesting bout myself.selalu bile tulis je mesti sedih.masalah and masalah x habes2.sekarang ni as i have realize that troubling ur mind with ur problem won't bring u anywhere to peacefulness and success, hence i have decided, from the moment i realize about that which would particularly be on the day i took a seminar about mind with Dr. Azizan, I will put this so called "budak kecik" yang mengganggu minda kita ke arah positif TO AN END!!!!!!
This budak kecik is no longer living as a parasite in me. I have officially throw him and leave him without mercy at the longkang besar near the bus stop.

ok back to our main agenda, i was very happy because it has been like forever i tak menang anything.but last Sunday, when we were celebrating mother's day at Saufiville (which was indeed the best mother's day celebration ever), I won second place in Pertandingan Menulis Puisi untuk Ibu.A very unexpected win for me, really..I was actually not gonna submit the piece at first.but the Jagung Manis(person in charge came to me and ask whether I have hand in i just like,ok nah ambik la..the poem was very simple ok..maybe because it just arrive at your heart and it really original(i made it in like 5 minutes after cari idea for almost 10 minutes x dapat2).

so the prize is high tea for two at Saufiville.Blh la bcoz memang x expect nak menang pon kan..First prize dapat two days one night stay won by Pak Cu with his lengthy yet literary piece.mmg patut menang pon so,cut this out.duhh..

Oh, by the way, this is the simple poem i told u about.

There's always you, Mak.

Your love,
Your care,
How can I pay
Coz there's no way.

Your smile,
Is in my mind
Wherever I go
I always know
You are there for me

Million words are too short,
Shooting stars are too bright,
The three small words,
Is never near enough.

No matter,
How cruel this world is,
The miracle you bring,
You make it real,
Without you,
I'm nobody.

Monday, 18 January 2010

I write because....

i write bluntly without thinking of the arrangement of my composition. i write when i feel like it.i write mostly when i'm quite busy with something cause this is the time my brain functions. =p
i don't write during my free time.that's why i can't consider writing as my hobby.however, you can say i write as a means of escapism.

well, whatever it is,i think it's ok as long as i still write.than never.

Monday, 4 January 2010

2010 agenda

Happy New Year.

This year agenda, RUN!!!

And walk when your head is about to burst.

And RUN again.

Problem is,I'm so can't get my butt off this comfort chair for training. And the run is two weeks from now.And if I don't,I will surely not be able to go to work the day after the run tho I'm sure I can complete it like yeayyhh...

So Fatin,choose,go to work the day after the run,

Am i decided not to go for training after all here???ohh bad.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009


it has been so long since this.and i have been in great depressed since.right now, i really dont understand people who like to take advantage over someone else' misery.last saturday, i lost my, someone stole it.i prefer to portray it that way.i just dont understand why you want to take the whole wallet.why cant you just take the money and left the wallet's my mistake i put all my important and valuable documents there but i guess i just havent realise the awful condition of our people nowadays.we are becoming like a third world country where safety is very hard to feel anymore.when i came back to office and told my story, everyone were with their own version of misfortune.kak su with snatch theft.kak ita with someone broke into her house.and many other dramatic events of stories..before this, i always believe that people are still honest and care about others even though i have also encountered with snatch theft when i was form 5.i love to think positive and all sugar, spice and everything nice about people around me.but from that moment of time, i just become very suspicious about them all.especially with the exceeding numbers of foreign workers in our country, home is just so not home anymore.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

hati ini lagi

lagi lagi hati ini.
semua pun pasal hati ini.
hati yang gundah,gulana,gedik,gemalai.
hati orang lain aku tak kisah.
ada aku kisah.
tak ada.
hati aku je yang penting.
apa yang aku nak sebenarnya.
kan lebih baik aku bahagiakan orang lain dan terima tempiasnya daripada merungut tentang soal hati yang sememang sudah jelasnya takkan puas walau diumpan dengan emas berjongkong-jongkong.
semua tu kan tak ada maknanya melainkan hati yang sentiasa ingat padaNya.
kenapa kau tamak.
kenapa kau pentingkan diri sendiri.
kenapa kau asik nak tanya kenapa.
kenapa kenapa kenapa!
cubalah bersyukur.....
hati kau.
hati org lain?

*balik ni aku nak makan hati.hati ayam sebab doktor kata aku kurang darah merah.yeke?

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

my SEXAY...

i just got my Persona. i named her Sexay as she is sooo sexy to me.she's my current obsession for now.I lurve u Sexay!! o,just realize havent snap any pic in Sexy yet.shud definitely do it asap and post here.